The convenience of delivered food creates a large amount of waste for a single meal. This presents an issue worldwide which we feel is unnecessary when it is possible to reach customers through the internet.

Nowadays, most people look to the internet when buying services, making printed menus a redundant method of sharing this simple information. Ubud Food Delivery aims to reduce waste by eliminating the need for printed menus and encouraging restaurants to further reduce their environmental impact through our  Eco‑Smart program.

This is no big idea, but a small and simple initiative that can make a big difference.

You can advertise your delivery menu on Ubud Food Delivery for as little as Rp. 150.000 per month – less for  Eco‑Smart badge holders.

Standard Rate – Rp. 150.000 per month

Includes hosting of your delivery menu, photos description of service and contact details.

Featured Rate – Rp. 200.000 per month

Boost your chances of being found with an additional home page advertisment.

Discount Rate – 10% discount on all fees!

To find out about qualifying for the discount rate see the  Eco‑Smart section below.

Why should I advertise with UFD?
  • UFD advertising costs significantly less per year than printing delivery menus.
  • UFD advertising costs significantly less than building and maintaining your own website.
  • UFD menus are always up-to-date, clean and never get lost or thrown in the bin.
  • UFD receives on average over 3,000 page views and over 1,000 users per month.
  • UFD is consistently top of all relevant Google search results for food delivery in Ubud.
  • UFD promotes only delivery services meaning no unwanted advertising and a clean and efficient site.
  • UFD encourages and rewards delivery services for meeting environmental standards
How do I pay my subscription to UFD?

Fees are to be paid 1 full year in advance.

  • Standard Rate: Rp. 1.800.000 per year
  • Standard Rate with 10% Discount: Rp. 1.620.000 per year
  • Featured Rate: Rp. 2.400.000 per year
  • Featured Rate with 10% Discount: Rp. 2.160.000 per year
How do I renew my subscription to UFD?

You will be notified 1 month prior to renewing your subscription with UFD.

What information do I need to provide to UFD?

In order for us to begin hosting your delivery menu you will need to provide us with the following:

  • Your business Name.
  • Your business logo (300×300 pixels or larger).
  • Your food photographs (maximum of 10 at 800×600 pixels or larger).
  • Your delivery telephone numbers (maximum of 2).
  • A description of your business (50 words or less).
  • Your delivery policies, such us: minimum order and delivery fees.
  • Your trading hours and ‘last order’ time.
  • Your contact details, such as: facebook, website, email, address.
  • Your terms of trade, such as: Government Tax and Service fees.
  • Your delivery menu in digital or printed format (see below).
How do I provide my menu to UFD?

Ideally, you will provide us with all your menu text in a digital format such as a Word, Excel, or other spreadsheet document. If this is not possible, you can provide us with just your printed menu and we will do the data entry for you. We charge Rp 100 per word for data entry.

What if I don’t have any photographs for my menu?

If you require photographs for your menu please speak to us about organising a photo shoot for you.

What if I need to modify or update my menu?

Once your menu has been published on UFD any modifications or updates you make will cost Rp 200.000 for small modifications up to Rp 600.000 for a complete menu update. Please contact us for a quote.

Paper wastes huge amounts of electricity, water and oil in its manufaturing!

Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 32,000 liters (7,000 gallons) of water, 2.3m squared of landfill space, 320 liters (84 gallons) of oil and 4,100 Kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Styrofoam takes approximately one million years to biodegrade!

It may seem like a small piece of plastic but that waste from your meal will be around for the next 40,000 generations!

The average person worldwide uses 48kg of paper per year!

If an individual can create this much waste alone just think of each restaurant printing thousands of menus a year.

Paper manufacturing is the largest industrial user of water per pound for a finished product!

Bali already suffers from water shortage as a result of heavy tourism on the Island.

Every Tree provides enough oxygen for 3 people to breath!

Paper makes more landfill waste than any other material! Every page on this website removes the need to cut down trees.

Delivery services hold a responsibility to promote environmentally friendly practices to their customers. Styrofoam takes 1 million years to bio-degrade. That’s a long time to have waste on our planet for a single meal.

Through our  Eco‑Smart program, Ubud Food Delivery encourages restaurants to reduce their reliance on styrofoam and single-use plastics wherever possible. We offer a 10% discount on all fees to any services awarded with a  Eco‑Smart badge and display a badge on your page to help promote your service further.

How do I qualify for an Eco-Smart badge?
  • Do not use styrofoam in your deliveries – at all.
  • Do not use plastics in your deliveries.
  • Where possible, use brown paper, recycled paper, banana leaves or cardboard instead.
  • Do not use plastic utensils.
  • Do not use MSG in your cooking.
What else can I do to qualify for an Eco-Smart badge?

Ultimately it is at our discretion who receives an  Eco‑Smart badge and who doesn’t. The following tips can only help your chances.

  • Source Organic Supplies: We understand this is not possible for everyone and for all products but if we can see you’re doing what you can to be sure your customers are eating well sourced foods we’re happy to give a  Eco‑Smart badge.
  • Be Green: Getting a  Eco‑Smart badge is not about getting a the badge, it’s about helping reduce the offset and negative impact of your business. Showing us that you’re conscious of green methods is a good place to start.
How does having a Eco-Smart badge help my business?
  • You will receive a 10% discount on UFD fees.
  • We’ll put a  Eco‑Smart badge everywhere your business name appears on the UFD website.
  • Ubudians care about the environment, if they know you’re environmentally conscious they’ll choose you.
  • Your business will receive an additional listing on the  Eco‑Smart page, giving you a greater chance of being found.

For all enquiries please use the following contact form or email us at

We endeavour to reply to your emails within 24 hours of receiving them. However, we are only a small team and thank you for your patience should it take a bit longer.

Thank you!